Friday, July 9, 2010

Plan a Sydney Harbour Wedding, and grab a fantastic gift!

Think wedding? Think Sydney Harbour Wedding and grab a fantastic gift!

So if you are one of those who are ready for tying the knot, make the most of a fantastic offer! Book a cruise before the 31st of July, 2010, for a Sydney Harbour wedding, and get a 16GB iPad absolutely free - a wedding gift in anticipation!
Walk down the aisle in the dreamiest of settings! Treasure those memorable, romantic moments on your free iPad and share them with your dear ones! Enjoy watching them over and over in the days to come with your loved one!

Never mind if it is your friend or cousin who is getting married! Just book for them a Sydney Harbour Wedding Cruise before the 31st – and still take away the awesome gift for the delightful effort!

The wedding package is all inclusive – the menu, the cake, the ceremony, the celebrant and all! The sophisticated Magistic Two, the stylish Sydney Harbour Ballroom and the swanky Simply Magistic – the venues are unmatchable. And the setting is simply the best and the most romantic!

So aren’t you ready for tying the knot?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A romantic wedding anniversary in romantic Sydney!

A few days back I had been entrusted with the job of digging out every possible wedding anniversary party idea in the book and choose the one that is the most romantic, the most unique, the most special, the most exciting and, of course, the most memorable! Not to mention the venue should be easily accessible, expenses should be reasonable, the settings should be easily manageable and the food ooh-so-yummy! I am sure every other reader who is reading this has tried this every year! And I am sure, like me, they have been disappointed more often than not. Not surprisingly though, as all these features don’t come together easily.

The best way to celebrate a wedding anniversary would be by reliving the romance of the wedding day! Sydney is a romantic city and the harbour is its most romantic setting!

The beauty of the harbour setting and the languor of a harbour cruise add to the romance of your special day! The delicious food and the choice wine just make it more memorable!

Whether a date for a cosy twosome or a party for too many, a Sydney Harbour cruise would be ideal to bring back the romance and the excitement of that lovely wedding day!

Relive the romance of your wedding on a wedding anniversary party cruise organised with the help of a professional team with unlimited anniversary party and dinner ideas to make your dream come true all over again!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cruise while you party on a birthday party cruise

Have you tried all the birthday party venues in the book or on the Net as the case may be? I have.

Lawns, gardens, parks, roof gardens, hotels, restaurants, cafes.....

And, like you, I am absolutely tired of them all.

This birthday, like me, why don’t you try something new? A new venue, a new setting and a whole new experience!

If you think you would like something different this year – to have the big day somewhere special - why don’t you try a Sydney Harbour cruise?

A birthday cruise on the finest of catamarans enjoying the best of views in Sydney – of the harbour, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and the city lights!

A birthday with celebrations and food and fun in the most exclusive of party venues!

Book your own private deck or hire a whole boat for yourselves!

Dance away to the exciting DJ music and when this has drained you of all energy, fuel yourselves up with the choicest of menus freshly prepared on board!

However, if your idea of celebration is lots of relaxation, style and sizzling shows, organise a birthday party cruise on a showboat that entertains you with live cabaret, music and magic shows!

Well, I, for one, am excited!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sydney Harbour Wedding Ideas

In Sydney, the most romantic venue for a wedding is the Sydney Harbour, and the most romantic wedding idea would be a Sydney Harbour wedding cruise.

On a Sydney Harbour wedding cruise, a wedding function has all the trappings of a dream romantic wedding - all the little ideas that go into making your big dream come true!

There are wedding cruises provided by Magistic Cruises and Sydney Showboats around the Sydney Harbour. Their creative teams attend to the finest detail from concept to the finishing touches.

If you have imagined organising the best of Sydney weddings ever, make this a reality, and what’s more you have the best ideas for decorations and arrangements to choose from! The menu options are wide and of the best quality, and the food would be prepared fresh on board! Alternatively, you could have the ceremony in any other location onshore and have the wedding reception on board a sophisticated catamaran or an authentic luxurious paddlewheeler!

Menu, decorations, entertainment, photography, music, dance floor, the ceremony, the celebrant, the wedding cake, the service – every aspect of a wedding function is taken care of by expert hands.

You just have to walk down the aisle of your dream wedding holding the hands of your loved one!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Romantic Sydney Harbour Weddings

If you are planning to get married, and if you are planning to get married in Sydney, there is no venue more romantic than the Sydney Harbour. The harbour has several locations around it that provide ideal settings for weddings, with the stunning harbour views as backdrop. If these venues are not romantic enough, plan a Sydney Harbour wedding cruise!

How would you like to have the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge stand guard for your dream wedding ceremony? How would you like to freeze on a photograph the memory of a kiss right in front of the Sydney Opera House?

There are several venues around the Sydney Harbour where you can have your dream of a romantic wedding come true!

Royal Botanic Gardens on Mrs. Macquarie’s Road has several garden venues with spectacular harbour views. Dickson Road Reserve at Hickson Road, The Rocks, is a park with lots of palm trees and fig trees, which also provides a clear view of the Sydney Harbour, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Dawes Point Park at Hickson Road is a park located under the Sydney Harbour Bridge that provides uninterrupted views of the Opera House and the Luna Park. The bright lights of the Luna Park add extra dazzle to the weddings when held here at night! Observatory Hill at the Rocks, as the name suggests, is a park on the hillside which has fantastic views of the harbour.

Fort Denison is a heritage site which has a couple of venues that overlook the harbour and its magnificent landmarks. The location is rich in tradition providing an idyllic feel to the setting.

Clark Island has several picturesque locations that have fabulous potential for photography with the fantastic harbour views as backdrop. Sydney Opera House itself is a unique location with its Broadwalks and Forecourt providing unmatchable venues that render wedding ceremonies memorable not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests!

If the above options are not romantic, exciting, unique and special enough, plan a Sydney Harbour wedding cruise. Let the cruise staff take care of all the details – the menu, the decorations, the arrangements, the giveaways, the music, the service.......while you just walk down the aisle with your loved one, enjoying your dream of a wedding come true!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Romantic wedding reception venues in Sydney

Wedding day is one of the most important days in your life around which you have woven a lot of romantic dreams! And what was it that made your vision so romantic? The venue of course!

In Sydney, romantic wedding reception venues are many! Churches are traditional venues of classic beauty! Sydney is blessed with extensive areas of greenery and natural parklands. And Sydney also has extensive stretches of sparkling white beaches! Roof top venues are romantic too! You can have your reception either under a clear blue sky or under a canopy of sparkling stars!

Sydney’s most romantic location is the Sydney Harbour! There are umpteen waterfront venues overlooking the Sydney Harbour and its spectacular views! Here you can choose from cuisines from around the world!

Several small islands lie scattered around the harbour, which have their own charming spots! These islands provide striking locations with lots of potential for photography!

If all these are not exciting enough, you can have your wedding reception right on the harbour, on board a luxurious catamaran! The Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the setting of the spectacular harbour and its lovely views will create just the right backdrop for your dream wedding!

The cruise boats have their own professional teams who can help you organise your function and provide you with all the trappings exactly as you envisioned in your dream! They can provide you with creative ideas that can make your wedding a fairy-tale dream come true!

You can tie the wedding knot on the boat’s extensive deck while cruising around the beautiful harbour and glide, quite literally, into wedded bliss!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cocktail party cruise - The ultimate venue for the perfect corporate function

Have you ever tried a cocktail cruise? If not, you have not tried the best of the cocktail party venues in Sydney!

Organising parties have become part of one’s daily professional routine. There is nothing like a corporate cocktail party for team building, official recognitions, annual functions like Christmas, improving public relations, motivating employees, or to just break the ice.

If you have the right venue for the party – the right setting, the right ambience, the right feel – then the party is a guaranteed success. Add to it, delicious food, great wine, good music, thrilling themes and all the rest of the works that go into making a corporate function, or even a private function for that matter, a grand success, then you have your staff, associates or guests eating out of your hand, figuratively speaking of course!

In Sydney, there is no better setting than the harbour and there is no cocktail party idea more exciting than a Sydney Harbour cocktail cruise.

There are sophisticated catamarans that offer exciting cocktail party cruises around the Sydney Harbour. Their professional teams organise the parties with original themes and creative ideas and provide the best of food and wine, while all that you do is sit back and enjoy the cocktail and the cruise!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get together and party on the Sydney Harbour - And cruise while you party around the most beautiful harbour!

Christmas parties, formal corporate conferences, intimate celebrations, cosy family reunions, sophisticated product launches, casual cocktail parties, gala dinners, grand receptions or simple weddings – whatever be the occasion, undoubtedly, in Sydney, the Sydney Harbour is the perfect venue that suits functions of all sizes, shapes and kinds.

Tried a hand at organising a party ever? What are the most essential things that you tick off? The food, the arrangement, the theme, the games, the party ideas and the most important thing of all – the venue.

The one thing that saves or ruins a function is the venue. If the venue is right, the party rocks. And the party is sure to go flat in the wrong setting.

The backdrop of the Sydney Harbour views with the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge provides the best setting one can find in Sydney! Add to that the sophisticated interiors of a luxurious catamaran, a fine menu freshly prepared on board, choice wine and a crew ever ready to take care of the finest of detail - surely you couldn’t have a better choice in Sydney! And if you are hard up for original themes, leave all that to the cruise’ Events Team which has an inexhaustible resource of ideas!

Depending on the size of your group, you could hire a boat or you could just hire a deck and enjoy the party, the cruise, the harbour and the views for a few hours..... and keep the memories for a lifetime!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Romantic harbour wedding cruises

If there is one thing that people universally dream about, it is about their wedding day. People across the world have one dream in common and that is about a romantic wedding day!

And what are the inevitable essentials of a much-dreamed-about wedding day?

A romantic venue, of course! Actually, for that matter, a romantic setting is a pre-requisite for the many days that lead to the wedding day - from the dating days to the day when the question is actually popped to the wedding day, not to mention all the days and the dates in between!

The rest of the list would include breath-taking settings, a memorable function and a sumptuous feast.

There is just one place in Sydney where you can make all this happen and that is the Sydney Harbour! Plan for a harbour wedding on the Magistic Cruises and make your dream actually come true!

Elegant surroundings, stylish decor, delicious food, superb wine, live band, the passing views of the spectacular Sydney Harbour and the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge forming an amazing backdrop – you will have all this in addition to all the special trappings that you dreamed about put perfectly in place by the Magistic crew.

So wake up, dreamers, and make it happen! Your wonderfully romantic wedding day on a spectacular harbour cruise!