Thursday, June 3, 2010

A romantic wedding anniversary in romantic Sydney!

A few days back I had been entrusted with the job of digging out every possible wedding anniversary party idea in the book and choose the one that is the most romantic, the most unique, the most special, the most exciting and, of course, the most memorable! Not to mention the venue should be easily accessible, expenses should be reasonable, the settings should be easily manageable and the food ooh-so-yummy! I am sure every other reader who is reading this has tried this every year! And I am sure, like me, they have been disappointed more often than not. Not surprisingly though, as all these features don’t come together easily.

The best way to celebrate a wedding anniversary would be by reliving the romance of the wedding day! Sydney is a romantic city and the harbour is its most romantic setting!

The beauty of the harbour setting and the languor of a harbour cruise add to the romance of your special day! The delicious food and the choice wine just make it more memorable!

Whether a date for a cosy twosome or a party for too many, a Sydney Harbour cruise would be ideal to bring back the romance and the excitement of that lovely wedding day!

Relive the romance of your wedding on a wedding anniversary party cruise organised with the help of a professional team with unlimited anniversary party and dinner ideas to make your dream come true all over again!

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