Friday, February 12, 2010

Romantic harbour wedding cruises

If there is one thing that people universally dream about, it is about their wedding day. People across the world have one dream in common and that is about a romantic wedding day!

And what are the inevitable essentials of a much-dreamed-about wedding day?

A romantic venue, of course! Actually, for that matter, a romantic setting is a pre-requisite for the many days that lead to the wedding day - from the dating days to the day when the question is actually popped to the wedding day, not to mention all the days and the dates in between!

The rest of the list would include breath-taking settings, a memorable function and a sumptuous feast.

There is just one place in Sydney where you can make all this happen and that is the Sydney Harbour! Plan for a harbour wedding on the Magistic Cruises and make your dream actually come true!

Elegant surroundings, stylish decor, delicious food, superb wine, live band, the passing views of the spectacular Sydney Harbour and the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge forming an amazing backdrop – you will have all this in addition to all the special trappings that you dreamed about put perfectly in place by the Magistic crew.

So wake up, dreamers, and make it happen! Your wonderfully romantic wedding day on a spectacular harbour cruise!

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