Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get together and party on the Sydney Harbour - And cruise while you party around the most beautiful harbour!

Christmas parties, formal corporate conferences, intimate celebrations, cosy family reunions, sophisticated product launches, casual cocktail parties, gala dinners, grand receptions or simple weddings – whatever be the occasion, undoubtedly, in Sydney, the Sydney Harbour is the perfect venue that suits functions of all sizes, shapes and kinds.

Tried a hand at organising a party ever? What are the most essential things that you tick off? The food, the arrangement, the theme, the games, the party ideas and the most important thing of all – the venue.

The one thing that saves or ruins a function is the venue. If the venue is right, the party rocks. And the party is sure to go flat in the wrong setting.

The backdrop of the Sydney Harbour views with the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge provides the best setting one can find in Sydney! Add to that the sophisticated interiors of a luxurious catamaran, a fine menu freshly prepared on board, choice wine and a crew ever ready to take care of the finest of detail - surely you couldn’t have a better choice in Sydney! And if you are hard up for original themes, leave all that to the cruise’ Events Team which has an inexhaustible resource of ideas!

Depending on the size of your group, you could hire a boat or you could just hire a deck and enjoy the party, the cruise, the harbour and the views for a few hours..... and keep the memories for a lifetime!

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