Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cocktail party cruise - The ultimate venue for the perfect corporate function

Have you ever tried a cocktail cruise? If not, you have not tried the best of the cocktail party venues in Sydney!

Organising parties have become part of one’s daily professional routine. There is nothing like a corporate cocktail party for team building, official recognitions, annual functions like Christmas, improving public relations, motivating employees, or to just break the ice.

If you have the right venue for the party – the right setting, the right ambience, the right feel – then the party is a guaranteed success. Add to it, delicious food, great wine, good music, thrilling themes and all the rest of the works that go into making a corporate function, or even a private function for that matter, a grand success, then you have your staff, associates or guests eating out of your hand, figuratively speaking of course!

In Sydney, there is no better setting than the harbour and there is no cocktail party idea more exciting than a Sydney Harbour cocktail cruise.

There are sophisticated catamarans that offer exciting cocktail party cruises around the Sydney Harbour. Their professional teams organise the parties with original themes and creative ideas and provide the best of food and wine, while all that you do is sit back and enjoy the cocktail and the cruise!

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